Dental unit FIMET F1 Finland

Basic characteristics:
  • Dental units of middle and premium class, individual equipment, 2 years warranty
  • Rotation of the complex by 180 degrees, synchronized movement of the chair, spittoon, tools.
  • Wireless pedal, automatic cleaning of tool/aspiration hoses
  • Multiarticulated headrest, the lack of effect of tension hoses upper feeder
  • The self-return tool hose to the zero position
  • A programmable microprocessor controls the instruments, tools, optics
  • The multi-position armrests of the seat are fixed, rotate to the side or can be completely removed
  • 3 types of chair, 6 types of head restraints, easy left-hand operation
  • Installation electric, long arm, tray with holder/swivel bracket
  • Service, warranty and post-warranty service of installations
Exhibitor name: MARCOS
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